Dark Venus stands as an entirely automated Expert Advisor tailored for Scalping Trading, demanding meticulous attention due to its notably high operating frequency. Operating on the foundation of Bollinger Bands, this trading solution offers versatile strategies for effective trade management, consistently delivering a high success rate.

Since its inception in 2022, Dark Venus has emerged as a globally renowned robot, boasting an impressive 100k+ downloads—a testament to its popularity and reliability. Obtain your download now!

Rigorous testing conducted using real tick data with an accuracy of 99.90%, accounting for actual spreads, additional slippage, and high commissions, has underscored its performance.

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Proficiency in optimization is recommended before downloading the robot.

All settings are external, enabling customization to suit individual preferences. While the basic strategy initiates Market orders counter-trend, the flexibility allows adaptation to diverse trend-following strategies.

Explore our comprehensive guides: Installation and Update Guide, Troubleshooting guide, FAQ, and MT4 Version.


  • Timeframes vary based on your settings, with M5 and M15 being recommended options.
  • The Expert operates on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, and USDCAD, with adaptable settings for other pairs.
  • Utilizing an ECN broker and a low-latency VPS is advised.
  • Optimal leverage and deposit align with specific settings.
  • Understanding the EA’s functionality is facilitated through the ► offline user manual and sample settings.
Dark Venus MT5


Dark Venus Settings:

  • Magic Number: Unique identification number for orders.
  • Max Spread: Maximum spread for trading.

Money Management Settings:

  • Lots: Quantity of lots if money management is disabled.
  • Money Management: Enable/disable the money management option.
  • Risk Percent: Percentage for risk when money management is enabled.

Indicators Settings:

  • Enable Bollinger Bands: Utilize Bollinger Bands for entry signals.
  • Bollinger Bands Strategies: Choose preferred strategies.
  • Moment of the Signal: Decide signal execution timing.
  • Bollinger Bands Period/Deviations/Price/Timeframe: Customizable Bollinger Bands parameters.

Trading Hour:

  • Enable Time Filter: Activate time-based filters.
  • Trading Start/Stop Hours: Set operational hours.
  • Close Out of Hours: Close orders beyond scheduled timings.

Trading Days:

  • Configure trading allowance across weekdays.

For inquiries regarding set files, support, or any additional queries about this EA, feel free to reach out.

Download: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/56365